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Faecal egg and worm count for pets

Do you know whether your animal has worms?

There is an alternative to routine use of pharmaceutical worming treatments. The "gold standard" is to test for the presence of worm eggs and worms in a faecal sample, and only use a worming medication if the test is positive. Faecal sample testing is now commonly used in horses and sheep, where worms are becoming resistant to some worming treatments. Your first line vet will be happy to discuss it with you.

Dog and cat wormers are very effective at treating worms, but they don’t actually prevent infection. Depending on the lifestyle they are recommended at intervals between one and three month. If you want to avoid using drugs unnecessarily, faecal egg counts and lungworm testing are available for pets. You only need to treat if the result comes back positive and you can focus on the actual problem.

We have tried one of the popular herbal wormers on our dog and it reduced the egg count but didn’t eliminate the worms. That is why we feel using appropriate wormers only when necessary is the way forward. If you are worried about gut health after using wormers, a combination of pre- and probiotics can help. It is most common for young animals to have high worm burdens. If your pet keeps getting into trouble the holistic approach is to address the underlying problem.

If you feel testing is the way forward for your pet, A.P.Vet ltd. is now working with a lab specialising in faecal egg counts for pets. Sample kits are posted directly to you and you use free post (envelope provided) to send them back. We will let you know the results and can inform your vet of positive findings to aid targeted treatment.

Further advice regarding treatment can be available, but we don’t sell wormers and Lungworm medication requires a prescription. We can forward the results to your veterinary practice that will post the matching prescription wormers.

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