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Physiotherapy is an evidence based health profession which helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible following injury, illness or by developmental or other disability.

Animals are unable to tell us where they are in pain and are often clever at hiding their discomfort. Schooling problems, behavioural problems or reduced performance can all be caused by pain, muscle weakness or joint stiffness.

Animals, like people, respond well to physiotherapy techniques and modalities that may include joint mobilisation, massage, specific rehabilitation programmes, electro-therapeutic modalities and exercise programmes.
Physiotherapy intervention can limit the impact of injury and disease processes, optimise healing potential and accelerate return to function and/or performance.
Physiotherapy can help animals suffering from a variety of conditions such as back pain, sprains, strains, fractures and sporting injuries. Physiotherapy can also help restore function following orthopaedic, neurological or general surgery. In the performance animal physiotherapy can improve biomechanics and athletic ability.
Physiotherapy can help to improve function, maximise performance and achieve effective rehabilitation from injury

Common conditions treated by Physiotherapy include:
Soft tissue injuries - muscle, ligament and tendon strains
Back and Neck Pain - including saddle related problems or disc disease
Joint Problems - Injury, Arthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease
Post-operative Rehabilitation
Neurological Rehabilitation
Poor Performance
Rider-Related problems

Physiotherapy includes a full subjective and objective assessment:
History of Present Condition
Stance Assessment
Gait Assessment
Palpatory Assessment
Muscle Bulk
Muscle Tone
Joint Range of Movement
Limb Range of Movement

ImagePhysiotherapy Dog Treatment will be given to suit your animal's Individual needs, and may include:
Soft Tissue Mobilisations
Soft Tissue Massage
Joint Mobilisations
Biomag Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy
Muscle Stimulation

The goals of treatment will always be discussed with the Owner and a Treatment plan can be decided upon. Advice and Recommendations including home exercises will be given on the initial consultation.

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