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What other clients have to say:

Dog Oscar

Oscar, from Ludlow:

Before rehabilitation I had trouble getting up, now I can play football and chase squirrels.

Rolly, the Welsh Cob

Hello Iris – this is the picture of Rollys remaining sarcoid. The other 2 smaller nodule type have disappeared completely.
Im trying to get the photograph ... took when it was 1”x1” and growing rapidly. Last year it was extremely unpleasant looking. It now looks like a small scar.
His sweet itch appears to be under control, but this may be due to my diligence, constant application of potions and a very good rug.
Although I remain sceptical of alternative/complementary therapies I would recommend acupuncture for sarcoids and sweet itch. Rolly had 3 treatments – I would definitely repeat these if required next year.
Both sweet itch and sarcoids are horrible things to contend with, I cant say for certain that neither will return, but at present Im very happy to say (compared to last year) things are looking good. Thank You very much indeed.
Horse Rolly

Welsh Cob Merlyn

Merlyn, the Welsh Cob:

My Welsh Cob, Merlyn, had suffered from several laminitic attacks. Restricted grazing managed the laminitis for a few more years, but he still lacked energy, his eyes were dull and he didn't want to be ridden. Finally he became reluctant to move around much at all and was very unhappy. He was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and he was nearly written off. I was desperate not to loose him. It's taken time, work and commitment to do everything that Iris has told me to do. But now he is really fit, glossy and bursting with health. It seems like a magic cure, he is leading a normal life again and has not even put on weight this spring.

Jazz, the labrador:

Jazz seems to be doing well after her acupuncture the other week, and the herbal stuff is going down well. She seems to have more of a spring in her step and is finding it easier to get up / lie down (in spite of the cold, damp weather).
"She's been wearing her doggy coat recently which has been keeping her nice and warm on her walkies - her fur has gone very thin and she feels the cold a lot so needs a coat. I've also been moving her bed next to the fire in the evenings to keep her warm and comfortable. I think she looks pretty good for a 13 year old lab.

Labrador Jazz

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