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What clients have to say:

Labrador cross Holly Holly, the Labrador cross Collie

Holly is a Labrador cross Collie - always active and loved agility. Once osteoarthritis in both hips was diagnosed, at age four years, we switched from agility to Scurry Training (gun-dog dummy retrieval). She is a dog who loves to work, and needs the mental stimulation that this activity involves. Even though the work was tailored with the aim of not putting excessive strain on her hips, she slowly declined. Conventional veterinary medication was never agreeable to her digestive system.
On the first consultation, I expected Iris to tell me the kindest thing to do for Holly was to put her to sleep. She was in so much pain; unable to put her one rear leg to the ground. Life was miserable for her.
Even after the first session, Holly made remarkable progress, and with continual treatment over the past years she has improved. Iris found a local physiotherapist who makes home visits to give her regular physio and laser treatment.
Holly can over-work her muscles sometimes and will visibly flinch when stroking her back - Iris suggested acupuncture. I was sceptical at first and worried that Holly would not accept needles being inserted. It is truly AMAZING. The needles are painlessly put in place and the effect is almost instant. You can stroke her with no reaction and visibly see she is more fluid in her movements, and she loves the attention.
We all work together to keep Holly fit and active, with regular communication between us all. Holly loves her herbal tincture, and we are able to continue with Scurry Training, even though, now at age 12 years, it is done in an even more leisurely way. Both Holly and I are able to continue to enjoy our weekly training sessions with our mates, both four- and two-legged!

Sharon and Holly, Cheltenham
Merlyn, the Welsh Cob:

My Welsh Cob, Merlyn, had suffered from several laminitic attacks. Restricted grazing managed the laminitis for a few more years, but he still lacked energy, his eyes were dull and he didn't want to be ridden. Finally he became reluctant to move around much at all and was very unhappy. He was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and he was nearly written off. I was desperate not to lose him. It's taken time, work and commitment to do everything that Iris has told me to do. But now he is really fit, glossy and bursting with health. It seems like a magic cure, he is leading a normal life again and has not even put on weight this spring.
Welsh Cob Merlyn

Horse Image Poppy Danni and Poppy:

I've been meaning to feedback on the progress of Danni and Poppy. The changes in both of them have been phenomenal! Poppy’s respiratory issues went away and she's become much more forward-going. Danni has made such changes in the way she moves and is freed up still on the right rein! After nearly five years of rehab., she is back being ridden again. I wanted to thank you again, so much, for spending your time and expertise with us. l wonder if it’s possible to have some more of the herbal tincture for Poppy as she has some of the symptoms returning and is a bit itchy around her mane – it’s not yet sweet itch but it’s looking that way.
Warm regards, Julie Wilson.
Rolly, the Horse:

This is the picture of Rollys remaining sarcoid. The other 2 smaller nodule type have disappeared completely. Im trying to get the photograph James Robinson took when it was 1”x1” and growing rapidly. Last year it was extremely unpleasant looking. It now looks like a small scar.

His sweet itch appears to be under control, but this may be due to my diligence, constant application of potions and a very good rug.
Although I remain sceptical of alternative/complementary therapies I would recommend acupuncture for sarcoids and sweet itch. Rolly had 3 treatments – I would definitely repeat these if required next year.
Both sweet itch and sarcoids are horrible things to contend with, I cant say for certain that neither will return, but at present Im very happy to say (compared to last year) things are looking good. Thank You very much indeed.
Horse Rolly
Mr Fudge:

Iris treated our horse, Mr Fudge, first of all 3 years ago for a longstanding sweet itch problem. Typically his tail and mane would be badly rubbed with broken skin despite us using various lotions and potions, keeping him in at the worst time of the day and well rugged up. After treatment there was a decent improvement the first year with a very significant improvement after the second treatment last year, his tail looks great now and we can plait his mane at last! We have just had his third treatment this year and despite the midges coming out early around us his tail is looking perfect.