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Founded in 2013 by Iris Ege, A.P.Vet Ltd pursue gentle and effective treatments that consider the impact on patients, their families & the environment. We believe that animal health should be looked at holistically as well as through the eyes of a conventional vet.

Iris and her team offer a selection of holistic therapies which, depending on the need of the animal or owner preference, can work independently or alongside conventional medicines. We feel that working alongside your vet and other therapists to devise an individual holistic health plan often offers the best possible outcome.

Working on a referral basis from conventional vets for clinical conditions we have, however, broadened our approach to include ‘Holistic Health’ (treating the animal as a whole, as well as looking at medical history and existing symptoms). We believe nutrition, exercise, informed vaccination choices and supplements all have a role to play.

We also offer a range of tests and supplements without the need of referral. For instance, we feel that testing for worms through faecal egg counts first, allows owners to make informed decisions for their pet. We aim to increase awareness and, if you feel it is right for you, joining our ‘Holistic Pet Club’ could be the perfect fit for you and your animal.

We treat a variety of animal species and a wide range of conditions. The holistic health approach offers young animals the best start in life, while also appealing to owners of ailing/ageing pets and animals with injuries and sports/performance related issues. We have access to input from professionals in many disciplines and outlined below is a list of holistic therapies offered by A.P.Vet Ltd. 

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Veterinary holistic health and referrals

Whatever your concerns, please contact us for advice.

Holistic Health

Find out more about holistic health for pets
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Veterinary referrals for a range of services
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Pet Diets

Exercise and dietary advice for your animals
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We commonly have clients worrying that patients with poor appetite due to gastro-intestnal problems won’t take the herbs. Lago proves this is not always the case…

I could jump for joy this evening.  Lago ate pork with sweet potatoes,
peas and a sprinkling of her magic potion with homemade pork bone
Can’t believe it!

Thank you for today