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Biomechanics in Horses

A local take on international ideas in Biomechanics.

You may have heard Iris mention Klaus Schoeneich, a German horse trainer or may have read his book ‘Correct Movement in Horses’ which is available in English although out of print. The book is accessible in the library at Arrow Equestrian in Kington.

If you would like to see better pictures of the method Iris has a more recent German edition of the book.

In-hand work is of great importance to his approach. It questions some paradigms and does not use any gadgets. With this work, the horse is trained (or retrained!) in how to carry itself correctly for long-term soundness and develops true “thoroughness” enabling light and refined riding.

Klaus Schoeneich regularly visits a yard in Gloucester where he has explained his work to Iris. They examined and discussed patients. The in-hand work is suitable for all styles of riding. ARR (anatomically / biomechanically correct riding), uses Western and English saddles made with the aim of being friendly to the horse’s back, truly allowing it to swing and lift.

Klaus regularly give clinics at the yard. There is an in and outdoor arena, round pen, turnout, and beautiful hacking available. The team is aiming to transform horses into happy athletes inspired by a holistic approach. This pioneering business is looking for an experienced and open-minded yard manager. We can put you in touch if you know the right person for the job.

Arrow Equestrian (, with its impressive library, is a licensed riding school. From 2008 Iris built on her equestrian skills there despite her busy life. They have a small selection of exceptional schoolmasters and offer a high standard of tuition to both amateur and professional riders. Sue Nevill-Parker, the owner and teacher at Arrow, has trained with several notable trainers of classical dressage. She practises and offers her pupils access to training in complementary techniques such as the Feldenkrais Method and Alexander Technique. She also teaches on an Equine Simulator.

While Iris has mostly been enjoying hacks through the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, she still sometimes returns to her roots in classical dressage at Arrow where she has been having lessons since moving here from Germany. Arrow Equestrian is between Kington and Pembridge.

If your yard or club would like to offer biomechanics lectures or demonstrations please contact us.