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Collateral damage from pet drugs

Listen to the full Radio 4 programme: An Environmental Paw Print

Lots of tricky questions in this program. We may have one simple answer to help beetles and rivers that isn’t mentioned. At around 10 minutes the detrimental effect of drugs on dung beetles are described. “the problem starts (with) …people treating their dogs” Flea and worming
treatments are active in the dog mess, initially lethal and over time semitoxic, affecting navigational skills and fertility.

At A.P.Vet ltd. we assess the risks of a pet and the family on an individual basis. When suitable we recommend checking for parasites using a more thorough faecal sampling regime than usually promoted by labs that directly work with pet owners. We explain how you can spot flea infestation really early. If there is an infestation we agree that drugs are usually needed, but we don’t sell them thus have no conflict of interests.