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Multi-Step Registration Draft

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    At A.P. Vet Ltd. we strive to provide outstanding care for your pets. It is important, however, that you understand that our services are subject to some terms and conditions.

    Please read the following disclaimer carefully and tick the boxes as appropriate. If there is anything you do not understand, please speak to a member of our team. Thank you.

    A.P. Vet Ltd. offer a variety of treatment modalities.

    If I do not want staff at A.P. Vet Ltd. to use any modality/modalities, I will inform the vet at the start of the consultation or, preferably, beforehand so that alternative options can be discussed with me. I am aware that, whilst staff at A.P. Vet Ltd aim to transfer my preferences from this form to my record, the practice software makes it a bit tricky to move from note-making to checking my record.


    Most commonly, very fine sterile needles are used and staff aim to be as gentle as possible, hopefully enabling the patient to relax. I understand that it is a medical treatment. Sterile, single use acupuncture needles are inserted through the skin into the underlying tissues at specific points in the body for the purpose of alleviating pain and/or treating other clinical conditions. Commonly laser-acupuncture is also used and occasionally moxibustion.

    I understand that A.P. Vet Ltd. recommend a course of 3 treatments to see effects, which can take up to three days after a treatment to become obvious. Tiredness after treatment is common and resting is recommended. If my pet has other activity planned on the treatment day, for example attending hydrotherapy, physiotherapy etc, I will inform the staff at A.P. Vet Ltd. before any treatment is started.

    Acupuncture is considered to be extremely safe. I am aware that possible side effects of acupuncture, while rare, can occur at any time during the course of therapy. They include the following: bleeding; possible/temporary worsening of symptoms; bruising; redness; transient swelling or soreness at the treated sites; transient weakness or lethargy post-treatment.

    Please also select one of the boxes below:

    Laser Therapy

    A.P. Vet Ltd. also offer Laser Therapy which is most commonly used for musculoskeletal problems and wounds but has a wide range of applications. I understand that A.P. Vet Ltd. do not offer laser therapy for eyes and will only offer treatments where they are confident the laser beam being directed into the eye of their patients can be avoided. A.P. Vet Ltd. do not offer goggles for patients as staff find they are difficult to fit and likely to stress the patients. They do, however, have safety glasses available for owners to use during consultations. A.P. Vet Ltd. would recommend their use so please request them at the start of the consultation.

    Staff are likely to wear safety glasses when working with the laser pointing towards them, for example when treating the medial side of a joint.

    Please also select one of the boxes below:

    Herbal Medicine

    Herbal medicine is based upon a knowledge of traditional herbal medicine combined with modern scientific knowledge. This evidence-based approach to herbal medicine allows herbs to be prescribed safely and effectively. Herbal medicines are formulated using whole plants, or extracts of the whole plant, not isolated active constituents. Phytochemicals can work together to increase desired effects, with fewer side effects.

    SIDE EFFECTS: Herbal medicine works because chemicals present in the herbs have a biological action in the body and, therefore, side effects can occasionally occur. The likelihood of side effects depends very much on how strong a treatment is chosen. For instance, prescribing herbal medicine to gently support liver organ function is very different to aiming for cytotoxic effects on tumour cells.

    The most common side effect seen by A.P. Vet Ltd. is mild diarrhoea. Vomiting is very rare. Allergic reactions to herbs are possible and, when calming herbs are used, the intensity of the effect can be difficult to predict. Side effects usually wear off swiftly when herbs are adjusted or discontinued.

    Certain herbs and spices can affect clotting times. I will, therefore, discuss usage of any supplements and/or herbs with A.P. Vet Ltd. at least 7 days before any planned surgery for my pet and adjust dosages depending on their advice or stop administering supplements and/or herbs to my animal at least 7 days before any planned surgery.

    When strong anti-cancer herbs are used, an increase in body temperature is part of the immune response of the body towards the tumour. A swelling at the injection site as well as the increased temperature show that a cytotoxic dose is reached. Both subside within 72 hours. Please note, the tumour can react with transient swelling. Since an increase in body temperature or swelling lasting more than 72 hours would not be caused by mistletoe treatment, I understand that these would need to be assessed by the referring vet or oncologist as they can be caused by the advanced cancer and need addressing.

    Herb-drug interactions can occur. I will fully disclose any other medications or supplements being taken by my animal to A.P. Vet Ltd. so the risk can be minimised.

    Toxicity - Herbal safety is paramount. A patient will not be prescribed herb doses known to have toxic effects. Herbs must be used with extreme caution in lactation and pregnancy. I will notify staff at A.P. Vet Ltd. if my animal is pregnant or lactating.

    Individual treatments are explained during the consult and written notes and instructions are emailed afterwards. I am going to read them carefully before giving the herbal medicine to my pet and will ask if I have questions or concerns.

    Please also select one of the boxes below:

    Confirm & Submit

    Other modalities:

    If I am considering Titre testing or Gold Bead Implants for my animal, I will need to complete separate disclaimers available through A.P. Vet Ltd.
    Treatment Results
    All the treatments offered by A.P. Vet Ltd. are complementary to conventional medicine. I understand that diseases may or may not respond to treatments. The outcome of treatment may vary depending on various factors, including the pet’s health, response to treatment and owner compliance. A.P. Vet Ltd. cannot guarantee specific outcomes of any treatment or procedure.
    In the absence of negligence, I agree to hold A.P. Vet Ltd. harmless for the absence of response to treatment or any ill side effects experienced by my pet. I certify that I have read and understood the above terms regarding the treatment of my pet.
    I hereby authorise A.P. Vet Ltd. to examine, prescribe for and/or treat my pet(s). I assume full responsibility for all charges incurred for the care of pets on my file. I understand that I will be informed of the reasons for any treatment/procedures along with the expected benefits and risks involved.
    A.P. Vet Ltd. accepts insurances but not direct claims. If making a claim using insurance, I will provide A.P. Vet Ltd. with the policy details and relevant forms to submit the claim. I understand that I must pay my consultation fees promptly and claim these back from my insurer. Consultation fees are due to A.P. Vet Ltd. regardless of whether the insurers agree to payout for the claim. There is a £10 admin fee payable to A.P. Vet Ltd. per insurance claim.
    A.P. Vet Ltd. disclaims any liability for the direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of my access to or use of their services.

    Emergency Situations:

    In case of an emergency, I understand that I must contact my first line vet, nearest emergency veterinary clinic or animal hospital immediately.

    Third Party Links:

    A.P. Vet Ltd.’s website may contain links to third-party websites or resources for client convenience. I understand that A.P. Vet Ltd., however, does not endorse or control the content, products or services offered by these third parties. You use third party resources at your own risk.

    Changes to Services:

    A.P. Vet Ltd. reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any aspect of our services, including pricing, at any time without prior notice.

    Professional Advice:

    I understand that the information provided on the A.P. Vet Ltd. webpage, through their communications or during consultations is not intended to replace professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment from my first line vet and that I should always consult with my first line vet regarding specific concerns about my pet’s health and well-being.
    As a pet owner, I acknowledge that I am responsible for making decisions regarding my pet’s health and for seeking appropriate veterinary care. A.P. Vet Ltd. is not liable for any consequences resulting from my reliance on information obtained from their services.
    While A.P. Vet Ltd. makes every effort to ensure accuracy and reliability of information and services provided, I understand that they cannot guarantee that all information in entirely current or free from errors.

    By submitting this form I herby agree to the following:

    I hereby certify that I am the owner or an authorised agent of the owner for the above-named pet and am over the age of eighteen.

    I have fully disclosed all medicines and supplements currently being taken by my pet and provided clinical notes of all vets, specialists and practitioners involved in the case.

    By using the services of A.P. Vet Ltd. I agree to accept and abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer. If I do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, I understand that I will not be able to use A.P. Vet Ltd. services.