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Enjoy Kington Show with a more relaxed dog

Herbs can help your pet relax – a free sample is available at Kington Show. The smell of herbs like valerian and other herbs can help pets to relax, which is how Pet Remedy works. There is a lot to take in for our 4-legged friends. We suggest you visit us early and get a free calming pet remedy wipe or bandana. More commonly we use tinctures and tailor them to the individual pet. But we have a supplement with us at Kington show that works well in many cases.

Enter a draw to win a boredom booster kit for the days your pets need to stay at home.

Come and see us at the largest one-day agricultural show in the county Saturday 9th of September. If you give us feedback later in the day on how it worked you may be the one to take the Pet Remedy Boredom Booster Kit home.

If you struggle to make it on the day you can ask Iris for a free wipe at your next appointment. Please note that the deadline for email entries to is 8pm September 8th.

Click link below for information on calming help for your pet: