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From forage for furriers to diets for all.

Choose seasonal greens carefully for grinny pigs and happy horses!

On the topic of forage, did you know that commercial ‘Timothy Hay’ is sprayed to ensure it doesn’t contain unwanted “weeds”? Even so-called ‘Meadow Hay’ for rabbits gets sprayed and herbs are added before it is sold. We recommend, therefore, that you find organic local hay. It is probably best to ask horse owners for advice on where to source it reliably, as a lot of the horse hay is sprayed as well. If you have the ground & are able, why not scythe and make your own?

We would also be delighted to share our knowledge of scything, hay making and year-round grazing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Almost all guinea pig food, as well as rabbit and horse feed, contains genetically manipulated soy but, when it comes to guinea pigs/rabbits, the good news is you don’t really need pellets. Please note, muesli is unhealthy for them.

In holistic health clinics we mostly see dogs and cats but are able to see most species such as rabbits and guineapigs. Within our team we are fortunate that Andreas has a keen interest in reptiles and is happy to look into the needs of most exotics.

Please contact us if you would like a dietary consultation for your pet.