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Gold Bead Implants for Lasting Effects!

Used with good and lasting results for over 40 years, Gold Beat Implants originated in the US but flourished in continental Europe as well. As a young vet in Germany 20 years ago, Iris saw a patient that, despite having bad hips, had done well on this treatment and had required no pain killers for 8 years. Shortly afterwards, during her early acupuncture training, she was taught by an acupuncture vet who practiced it. 

When Iris referred a Rotti-Cross, to an orthopedic surgeon at only a year old, she wondered if the technique may be the long-term answer for this dog and others like it, who are too reactive for traditional acupuncture. The Rotti-Cross had done well for several years after an arthroscopy of her elbow but, as predicted, developed arthritis a few years later. Although the dog is coping on NSAIDs, it is only 6 years old now and needs a different approach. Laser therapy or regular acupuncture are not easy for nervy dogs but gold bead implants are a viable alternative, inserted in just one session under sedation. Watch this space for updates on the treatment.  

Whippet Blossom is one of very few dogs who has had the treatment in the UK. After an injury, she did well on a multi-modular approach but still required a combination of injectable and oral pain relief that seemed excessive for an 8-year-old active dog.

Her gold bead implants were placed a week before the 4-week duration injection was due to be repeated. We are delighted to say that, not only were we able to bypass the injection, but we were also able to reduce her oral painkillers shortly after the procedure was done.

Update: As of December 2023 Blossom has not needed routine painkillers at all and is going from strength to strength.

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