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Grasp the Nettle and Explore How it Can Help Kidney Health in Pets!

Now is the time to harvest Nettle Seed. It works best to cut the nettles with seeds on, before ripening and drying them indoors.

Nettle seeds are used to help with kidney problems as they lower creatinine in the blood. Kidney failure is a common problem in elderly cats and persuading them to take something to help can be tricky. Thankfully, even the fussiest of eaters are usually willing to eat dried nettle seeds sprinkled on their food without problems.

Watch this space to learn about a young dog with acute kidney problems and how tiny seeds have played their humble part in a great recovery. So, why not start drying nettle seeds now and look out for our next post with further information.

Please make sure to get a diagnosis from your vet if you think your pet may have kidney problems. At A.P. Vet we see kidney conditions as referrals and commonly use herbs to treat them, nettle seeds being one of them. We also offer dietary advice consults and ration calculations. We don’t sell prescription diets. There are alternatives, but the diet needs to be right for the clinical condition. Your pet needs to be happy to eat it while preparing or feeding it needs to fit in with your lifestyle and budget.

For an overview on the potential benefits for people of using nettle seeds, and a tale about horses, you may want to have a look at the link below.

We think nettle seeds taste nice (for human consumption!) if briefly fried in a pan and served with a salad!