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Have a great day out and see us at Kington Show

Kington show is the largest one-day agricultural show in the county and will be held on 9th September.

You can find our team at the stall all day. We are there to answer your questions and we have free samples for your dog.

From 11 am until 12’o clock you can find us for the below classes at dog show ring 8. If you subscribe to our newsletter you can make sure you don’t miss anything

Flexible for Fun looking at Core Strength and Proprioception.

Core stability and good proprioception are key to good health (for all ages) and exercising them can be a great game.

Proprioception is the awareness of the position and movement of the body

Do you want to “show” A.P. Vet your dog? We are promoting healthy exercise and good movement and with that in mind, we are judging some movement classes at the fun dog show at the Kington Show.

If you are bringing your four legged friend along with you then why not enter this fun dog show, you may go home with a lovely rosette!

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