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Will New Year’s Fireworks worry your pet?

Valerian & Co can swiftly calm stressed pets affected by noisy fireworks or other noise phobias. With the same ingredients as ‘Valerian Compound’, Valerian & Co is a blend of Valerian, Vervain & Mistletoe, which are nervines, relaxing the nervous system and reducing anxiety without adversely affecting muscles.

Herbs should never substitute training, desensitisation and good management of the environment and situations. But, especially when other efforts are in place, they can be a big help. For clinical conditions we prescribe individual mixes after seeing the animal. But for some common problems we have supplements ready for you.

At A.P.Vet we support local growers wherever possible & strive to have a positive effect on the environment. Valerian & Co. contains mistletoe, which thrives in Herefordshire where Breinton Botanics & Apiary harvest it from organic orchards. The Valerian and Vervain tinctures we use are made to the highest standards by Avicenna Herbs in Wales.

The time of harvest and which plant parts are used have a crucial impact on mistletoe’s medicinal efficacy. The products used for cancer differ greatly from those used for anxiety and for normalising blood pressure. For animal cancer cases we recommend Iscador, which requires a prescription.

Please don’t harvest Mistletoe yourself for medicinal use as incorrect parts of the plant or processing can result in a toxic product. If you want extensive information, go to:

Special offer:

Valerian & Co.

30 ml – £5.00  Perfect for cats and toy dogs.

100 ml – £10.0. Use a dosage of 3ml (half a teaspoon) per every 10kg weight of pet

Available at A.P.Vet and K9 Raw Supplies