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Hydrotherapy – A Whippet’s Tale

Whippet Blossom had a tricky fracture when she was only a year old and fusing the carpal joint was recommended at the time, which would have been very likely to cause major problems later in life.

We found an orthopaedic surgeon who treated using a cast instead. After that Blossom had rehab using most modalities A.P.Vet has on offer. And at the time hydrotherapy made it possible for her to return to running like whippets do.

6 years after her horrible accident she reinjured the leg. The vet who x-rayed the leg just said it seems unbelievable she was sound for so long and fusing the joint or amputating the leg has been considered.

Blossom, 7 years old, at her first hydrotherapy session while still on lead rest

We decided to pursue the previously successful integrated approach again. It took 4 month of rehab, and now that the pain is under control hydrotherapy has enabled her to start being off lead again. Have a look at the amazing difference between her first and her third hydrotherapy session at Westmac Canine Therapies.

We are very fortunate to be able to offer our services at Westmac Hydrotherapy with a resident chartered physiotherapist available on site.

3rd hydrotherapy session, Blossom is now able to have some off lead exercise