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Marvellous Marshmallow: pretty plant for respiratory conditions and soothing root for stressed stomachs

If you have Marshmallow growing in your garden now is the time to harvest.

The plant in the picture is now growing in our garden and is from the fields where the plants for our tinctures are grown, @herbfarmacy in Eardisley. Different parts of the Marshmallow plant are used for varied conditions. Both flowers and leaves are used for respiratory problems and work well as tea or tincture.

We use them mostly for horses with recurrent airway obstruction, dogs with Laryngeal Paralysis and for chronic Feline Upper Respiratory Infections (Cat Flu). The dried and cold infused root is used for ulcer prevention in horses. There is now a lovely herbal powder available that contains Marshmallow for gastro-intestinal problems in dogs and cats.