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 Mobility Assessment Clinics, 18th May & 15th June 2023

A very high percentage of elderly dogs have often undiagnosed problems that affect their ability to move with ease. And in many cases just knowing there is an issue and adjusting exercise and home environment does make a difference. Some younger dogs get into trouble because old, sometimes even unnoticed injuries, cause problems. Elbow- and hip dysplasia often cause problems in adolescent dogs and good management can help them keep moving well for much longer.

Supplements, weight management and suitable exercise are often able to make a big difference at the onset of problems. We often get asked whether supplements work, and not having seen the dog before they were started makes answering tricky.
The best evidence out there is for supplements with a very high omega 3 fatty acid content. We are currently able to enrol pets into a FREE 30-day trial. Omega 3s can be combined with most other supplements and medications.

To be able to decide whether such a high end supplement does make a difference we would like to see you before you start and there is a nominal charge for a thorough examination and discussing whether the current exercise needs adjusting. We recommend you see us a second time after the trial, especially if it doesn’t make an obvious difference. At that point other modalities get discussed. So far, while some notice a surprisingly swift improvement, many participants didn’t notice the difference until a few days after they stopped the supplement – when mobility got worse again.

We will obviously let you know straight away if it is advisable to see your normal vet or an orthopaedic surgeon for diagnostics. Complex and advanced conditions really need a referral, a full holistic consult and commonly a team approach. But you can still become part of the free omega-3 supplement trial.
We have venues and dates available in Cinderford, Hope under Dinmore and Trellech.
The venue in Trellech is Westmac Hydrotherapy center and they also have resident veterinary physiotherapy, thus is well suited for cases that benefit from several modalities and a genuine team approach. Cost of the clinic is £30 for 15 minute consult .

Mobility clinics:
Trellech (Westmac Hydro) Thursday 18th May &
Thursday 15th June
9.15 am- 12.15 and 3.15 pm until 5.30pm

Please contact to find out more and book your place