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Pumpkins for Pets

Not just at Halloween, some pets benefit from a little bit of pumpkin in their diet. We recommend cooked rather than “canned” but please have a look at the American link on the topic.

If your cat suffers from constipation and the advice in the link is not working, Iris has a few more tricks due to her veterinary herbal medicine qualification. In severe cases make sure you see your usual vet first. Having a diagnosis of the underlying problem can make a big difference and often an enema brings swift relief. Once the acute problem is resolved a gentle approach can often avoid further scary episodes.

When it comes to aiding weight loss, we at A.P.Vet favour adding courgette over pumpkin. This is a valuable piece of information Iris picked up at the London Vet show 2012 and it has proved successful time and again for cats as well as dogs. At A.P. Vet we also stock the psyllium husk mentioned in the petmed link and are able to tailor a herbal approach to the specific problem of your pet. Check out this link for dogs and pumpkins