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Gold bead acupuncture as a treatment for arthritis and other chronic conditions is widely used in America and Continental Europe but less easy to access here in the UK. Common…

Dog Woody

Cancer is always a devastating diagnosis, but there are advantages to be gained from knowing the prognosis early on.

Hydrotherapy is a great form of recovery for animals that are suffering from an injury, joint disease, and those who have been paralysed.

Pet rehab as dog trots over poles

Rehabilitation is often used after surgery, trauma or in the course of chronic disease. Pain management tends to form an important part of this process and can be critical to…

Mav eating raw ribs

With nutrition, there is no one-size-fits-all. Many webpages offer biased advice in line with the interests of the company. At A.P.Vet ltd., however, we don’t sell pet food and remain as neutral as possible. 

Bentley Dog play with a ball

Prevent parasites in your pets with minimal exposure to drugs/pesticides and help keep pets, bees, fish and families safe.

A tiny amount of blood is taken for titre testing.

This simple blood test identifies whether your dog really needs its booster this year, reducing unnecessary vaccinations.

Horse Acupuncture Back

Acupuncture originates in China (1st century BC). Health from a Chinese point of view is the result of a continuous circulation of energy, called Qi, through the body along channels.

Rasperries for pet herbal diets

Herbal treatments are probably the oldest form of medicine. At A.P.Vet we source organic herbs whenever possible, and some of our herbs are grown locally.

Laser Therapy background

Laser therapy benefits for pets include decreased inflammation, decreased pain and improved would healing.