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We are pleased to be able to offer mobility sessions with our vet at a dedicated treatment room in Westmac, a state-of-the-art canine hydrotherapy venue in Monmouthshire. This makes it possible for consultations to be followed, straight afterwards, by a canine hydrotherapy session. 

Hydrotherapy is regularly used in rehabilitation after injury and surgery but also in improving mobility. Many owners commit to hydrotherapy to help their young dogs recover from surgery or return to agility training, whilst others book a course with a view to maintaining movement in elderly, arthritic dogs.

Hydrotherapy works very well alongside acupuncture and laser therapy, especially when gait patterns need to be re-established and physio exercises such as slow walking are difficult for the patient or their carer. It also enables musculature to catch up with the improved range of movement we commonly see after treatments while putting little strain on the often arthritic joints. Certainly, improvements in musculature are key for joint health and mobility.

If you prefer, you can see Iris for a full holistic consult at Westmac and just have a glimpse at the venue to help you decide whether hydrotherapy or exercise therapy is more suited for you and your dog. We can refer you to a physiotherapist on site if that is most suitable. We commonly alternate acupuncture treatments with physiotherapy treatments to maximise synergistic effects and make sure you are actively involved getting the patient moving again.

The hydrotherapy team at the centre have completed extensive training and all of them hold Level 3 qualifications in Small Animal Hydrotherapy. With over 20 years’ experience of handling dogs of all breeds and experience working with dogs with behavioural issues, you can trust that your dog will receive the best possible care and treatment individualised to their needs. Please note, we are happy to work with other hydrotherapy settings of your choice. 

Directions to the Westmac Canine Therapies Hydrotherapy Centre