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Rehabilitation is often used after surgery, trauma or in the course of chronic disease. Pain management tends to form an important part of this process and can be critical to a successful outcome, whether through using drugs, herbs, laser therapy and/or acupuncture or any combination of these.

Laser therapy is becoming more mainstream and is now offered by some veterinary practices that have a laser available after surgery. For straightforward post-surgical care, the commonly used settings are well suited, and we recommend you make use of what is on offer. We are happy to share our experience and help with more complicated cases.

If your practice doesn’t offer laser therapy, we will be happy to work closely with them and make sure we know exactly what procedure has been done and what that means for the post-surgical period.

Herbs can make sure that the necessary drugs are tolerated better and speed up recovery from general anaesthetics. When using painkillers is problematic or not providing enough relief, acupuncture and laser therapy can be used. These treatments are more targeted and can speed up healing.

Rehabilitation is something which we believe is important to get right and must be viewed on a case-by-case basis, looking at recovery at an individual and holistic level. This means that we consider the health of your animal ‘as a whole’ rather than focusing just on the illness or injury alone. We also make sure we understand your goals for your animal. Rehab for an athlete, for instance, is different to rehab for an elderly pet.

A.P.Vet ltd. can help facilitate the recovery from injury, illness or disease to as normal a condition as possible through several means. Please see the treatments/services we offer below and book a consultation with our vet to discuss which treatment or combination of treatments would be most suitable for your animal to provide the best possible outcome. Please note, a clinical referral is necessary.

When it comes to hydrotherapy, we can see you at Westmac in Monmouthshire for a treatment (usually acupuncture or laser therapy) before you see them for hydrotherapy. The synergistic effect of this combination is often amazing. We are happy to work closely with the hydrotherapy place of your choice, especially when swimming rather than water treadmill is required. In those cases, we recommend you arrange hydrotherapy shortly after acupuncture or laser therapy sessions.

If you are already using a therapist, we will do our best to integrate them into the rehabilitation process and we strongly recommend a well-qualified physiotherapist to be involved where necessary.

Modalities we offer include:

Laser Therapy

Nutrition/Dietary Advice

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