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Iris Ege

Iris has loved animals since her childhood on a smallholding in Germany where she developed an interest in herbs. She has built on this knowledge ever since.

Qualifying as a vet at Justus-Liebig University, Germany (2003), Iris started her journey in holistic veterinary medicine a year later. Having gained UK experience working in a mixed practice in Herefordshire, she reduced her conventional workload in 2012 to mostly small animal locum jobs. This has enabled her to stay in touch with the latest developments in veterinary medicine while focusing on alternative veterinary medicine which, sadly, is not very widely used in veterinary practices in the UK. She founded A.P. Vet LTD in 2013.

Iris sees a variety of species, mainly treating dogs, cats and horses. Her specialisms are:

Acupuncture (IVAS Certification 2013, Training in Gold Bead Acupuncture 2023)

She is interested in Traditional and Western Acupuncture as well as Low Level Laser Therapy.  Gold bead acupuncture offers a permanent approach to arthritis and other chronic conditions. Common indications are hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis of stifle, carpus and tarsus as well as several back conditions. It is mostly used in dogs and cats.

Veterinary Herbal Medicine (Integrate courses in Oxfordshire 2013 – 2016; Certificate in Veterinary Herbal Medicine, CIVT, 2020; Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine CIVT 2023.) 

Wings® Animal-Kinesiology (Practitioner Exam 2007)

This enables her to access other complementary therapy forms, especially for chronic cases.

In her spare time Iris enjoys horse riding, walking her whippet Blossom and gardening. The garden now contains a herb spiral, and the wildflower meadow gets scythed to yield hay for the family guinea pigs.