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Unacceptable behaviour policy A.P.Vet Ltd.

Aggressive or abusive behaviour

We care about our people, and will protect their personal safety and wellbeing at all times while at work. We will seek to understand and try to resolve matters to your satisfaction, but recognise that not everyone will agree with our decisions. While that can be frustrating, we will not accept or tolerate any behaviour, communications or language that we consider to be abusive towards any of our people. This includes but is not limited to behaviour that: 

  • Is violent or makes threats of physical violence
  • Is abusive
  • Is threatening
  • Uses offensive or insulting language
  • Uses aggressive or threatening behaviour or language
  • Uses racist, sexist or homophobic language or any other discriminatory language related to a diversity/protected characteristic
  • Includes any other form of discrimination.

We aim to provide appropriate and adequate responses in a timely manner, but we need our resources to be used in a n efficient and effective way.

Actions we might take

We will explain what we see as unacceptable and ask that person to change their behaviour, communication and/or language. If it continues we may:

  • Stop communicating directly with that person (we may end the call if we are on one)
  • Stop treatment of animal.
  • Reserve the right to charge costs that result in losses for the practice.
  • Restrict communicating with that person on a specific matter or topic

In circumstances where we believe a crime may have been committed, we will refer the unacceptable behaviour or communication to the police.